Master Classes / Lecturing

In short, course will cover Effects Animation including: Particles types and emitters, Forces, Fluids (Dynamic containers - smoke and fire, also static containers - Clouds), Rigid body dynamics (maya default plus new production proven RBD solver as well), nCloth, Particle Collision events, instancing (controling random scale, alignment and rotation), nCloth and constraining.
Also it will introduce procedural effects approach trough Houdini and 3DS Max, beside Maya, commonly used in films for effects work. Material shown here is produced by my students during last Master class session.

Detailed lessons plans and timing

Some of lessons covered during previous MC run

This is current, general course structure. It is possible to craft/design course to fit in your schedule
 or your pipeline as well. If you are interested to run this kind of training within
 your studio, please contact me personally.


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
November 19-22, 2013

I`ll conduct talk in front of my school named: "3D Animation and VFX in education".
 Also I`ll showcase some of effects work / lessons prepared for new run of my Master classes. 

10:00AM - 18:00PM

Booth B01, Hall 3G

Siggraph Asia 2013 was blast! Thanks to everyone for participating and
 making this event even better. Hope seeing you all again next year. 


1-4th March 2012, Halls 402-404, Level 4, Suntec Singapore

Time : 11am - 8pm
Booth : 689

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I`ll be presenting VFX techniques, in front of my school, used in movies on 4th of March 2012, Sunday, 12:30pm. Idea is to demo some of posts from Effects Animation section. Also there will be Q/A session as well. All presentations are free of charge! For additional info please click here.


  1. Will you be able to participate through the internet for the masterclasses?

    1. Hi,

      at this time it`s only in class teaching here in Singapore, but it`s a great idea. Thanks for your interest!